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Who is Louis Dharma?

Advisor, Investor and Best Selling Author. Louis Dharma has been the secret weapon working behind the scenes engineering business growth to Fortune 500 companies like Berkshire Hathaway and GE to start-ups and hundreds of small businesses around the world.  

Today Louis uses his time to focus on his private investments as well as helping a select number of business owners expand and scale their business from 7 to 8 & 9 figures while being able to work less than they are now. His mission is to create $1-Billion worth of Business Growth by 2021.

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Experts on Louis Dharma

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Brian Tracy -
World Reknowned Business Developmenet Expert & Trainer

"Listen to EVERYTHING Louis Dharma has to say as if your business depended on it, because it does. The world needs people to lead the way in our rapidly changing world. And, Louis Dharma offers deep insights that empowers entrepreneurs and businesses everywhere to be among the strongest and most positive influences in this new hyper-competitive world"


Harvey Mackay -
7 time New York Times Best Selling Business Author

"Business and Marketing dynamics are in constant change especially in the 21st century and it is leaders like Louis Dharma who are at the forefront of this change"

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Dan Kennedy -
The World's Leading Direct Response Marketer

"Louis is a genuis; he has a knack for taking any problem that his private clients and masterminds has and produces the most simple, effective and sustainble solution that most others couldn't even see.  He has already proven he has one of the sharpest business and marketing minds going around - a  driving force in the business world now and in years to come"


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Better businesses drive a better world – Louis Dharma


Louis Dharma is one of the preeminent business strategists in the world; often referred to as the "Einstein of business growth". From minimum wage failure to business extraordinary, learn about his inspirational story.


Due to the high number of requests Louis cannot be contacted directly. If you would like more information or would like to interview Louis for you podcast, blog, magazine, event or any other media, you can reach out to his assistant at [email protected]