Multiply your business and life by working smarter, not harder.

Having worked with solopreneurs, small business owners and all the way up to Fortune 50 companies, I realised something crucial that would be the forefront of true success.

It was not enough to ask for double, in fact it was one of the worst things I could ask.

As the famous Dan Sulivan once put it, to make real change in your business and you have to go for 10x NOT 2x.

Working harder and longer doesn’t work.

I know what you’re thinking “how on earth can you aim for 10x when you haven’t reached 2x yet?”

The truth is that it’s actually easier.

This is because 10x growth requires real change and transformation, not just more of what you’re doing now.

It’s just not possible to work 10x harder and 10x longer to achieve 10x growth. There aren’t enough hours in the day to go about it this way.

You could work twice as hard and twice as long to achieve 2x growth, but that’s a small payoff for that much effort.

Let’s take the example of how us humans succeed in building flying machines?

By imitating the flapping action of winged animals?


We did it with fixed wings and propellers, and later with jet engines. It may not be how nature did it, but it works—and does so far better than flapping wings.
Similarly, we made a land vehicle that could outrun cheetahs not by making four-legged, cheetah-like running machines, but by inventing wheels.

True exponential growth that increases your revenue and profits while actually letting you work less doesn’t come from doing more of the same thing.

Did you know that The top 10 men in the world make more money than the bottom 3.5-billion combined!

10 men have more than nearly half the worlds population combined!

How hard can 10 men work in a day?

240 hours.

How hard can 3.5-billion people work in a day even if they only worked 1 hour?

3.5-billion hours!

Clearly just working harder is uncorrelated with success and wealth.

If you were to just try and improve what you are currently doing it would be like trying to compete against a private jet with a slightly faster bird. You would be doing the same thing you’re doing now with no real change in your life and business. And while you might double your income by going about things in this way, you certainly wouldn’t be doubling your free time or your enjoyment of your work.

2x is not enough change.

This is because going 2x is not enough growth or enough of an incentive to really make a difference in your life. With 2x growth, an increase in income means an increase in time and effort. You’d be working longer and harder, but not smarter.

10x growth, on the other hand, requires a different approach, it requires you to think of a plane instead of a faster bird or a car instead of a faster horse.

It means working less than you are now. It requires real change in the way you operate. It means you’re personally freed up to focus on what you do best: innovating and providing the vision for your company.

You should never feel like you are anchored to your business. Your business should be able to thrive without you at the helm like a well oiled machine.

10x’ing your business means you must be freed up from the tasks and activities that simply use up your time but don’t give you energy.

It allows your team to take over all the day-to-day tasks that keep the business running and bringing in predictable cash flow, you’re able to concentrate on improvements to your company and creating greater value for your clients and customers. You’re able to focus on the innovations that will be game changers in your business and industry.

This is how real growth happens.

You’ve done it before.

It may seem impossible or too difficult but I gaurentee you that the fastest growing companies in the world employ it every single day.

And guess what, you have too!

I want you to look back to a time when your business was only one-tenth where it is now.

You were actually able to grow your business 10x to where it is today, and your current level of growth feels normal. Once you reach that next level of growth, it, too, will feel normal.

Knowing you’ve gone 10x before gives you the confidence to do it again. It’s not impossible—you’ve done it. Show your team how you’ve gone from one-tenth of your business in your past to your current levels to get their buy-in for joining you in pursuing your new 10x goal. Those team members who want to multiply their growth and their contribution to the company will be eager to join you. Those who aren’t will leave. Either way, this is a win for you. You’ll have the right team on board.

10x growth is not impossible. You’ve done it before, and you can do it again. Not only that, but to keep up in today’s constantly evolving and advancing society, 10x is a necessity. But don’t simply push yourself and your team to work more. Going 10x requires greater capabilities, confidence, teamwork, and vision. It means being smarter and more strategic. It means aiming not just for 10x greater income, but 10x greater freedom, as well.

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