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Render your competition irrelevant and create exponential growth

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"Your Unbeatable Business is essential reading for every entrepreneur and business to thrive in this new hyper-competitive world marketplace. Listen to EVERYTHING Louis Dharma has to say as if your business depended on it, because it does. The world needs people to lead the way in our rapidly changing world. And, Louis Dharma offers deep insights that empowers entrepreneurs and businesses everywhere to be among the strongest and most positive influences in this new hyper-competitive world" 

Brian Tracy - World leading business expert and trainer

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Get 'Your Unbeatable Business'

Become the leading business in your market now

Your unbeatable business

Render your competition irrelevant and create exponential profits.

The new ecosystem of business is bloody and hyper-competitive creating over saturated markets. This means that mass marginalization occurs in which markets are forcing business commoditization and bankruptcy.

Companies in the 21st century are working harder than ever to receive dwindling profits and stagnate growth.

Let me ask you this question:
Do you believe your effort has been much greater than the results you have been getting?

It shouldn’t be this way.

This book has the answers.

louis dharma

Get 'Your Unbeatable Business'

Become the leading business in your market now

Who is "Your Unbeatable Business" for?


One of the biggest reasons people decide entrepreneurship is to break free from average. However, this is just the first step. Over 90% of entrepreneurs fail which means to be successful you must also break away from being an average entrepreneur. Learn what it actually takes to win in business.


Become a consultant that produces massive exponential results. If you are not confident that you can go into any industry and turn around a business, then it is your fiduciary responsibility to learn the concepts outlined in this book. Have confidence that you can walk into any business and guarantee success.
You will be able to command higher prices and have companies begging to work with you.

Managers & Employees

In the next 5-10 years 45℅ of jobs will be replaceable by computers. - Ray Kurzweil
Are you another cog in a machine? Guess what; we are no longer in the industrial age. With the massive rise in technology the need for micro level thinkers who use their left brain is becoming obsolete. Learn how to become a macro level thinker and become the most irreplaceable person in a company

CEO’s & Business Owners

This book guarantees the best ROI for all your efforts. This book gives you certainty and confidence. With the concepts and skills you learn from this book you will have certainty that your company will succeed no matter what the market does. You will have confidence that you will be able to leapfrog and beat any competition that comes your way.

Get 'Your Unbeatable Business'

Become the leading business in your market now

How to Create exponential growth even in a world of market saturation and mass commoditisation

That’s right. This book and Louis Dharma will show you how to grow your business in any economic situation.

The issue most companies face is that they tie their destiny to the rise and fall of the market; they tie their destiny to their competition.

When the tide comes in, you can see who was swimming naked – Warren Buffet.

Much like many stock brokers who aggrandise their genius when their picks are right as the market goes up then blames the economy when their predictions are wrong.

If the market rises the company rises.
If the market falls the company falls.
If competition rises, then the company profits fall.

If your company future is not in your control, then you are playing a game you will eventually lose; a game that has life changing consequences not only to the CEO, but the lives of employees, vendors, alliances and customers.

It is your fiduciary responsibility to take control of your business now and on your terms.

When the market goes up, learn how to maximize the opportunity.
When the market goes down learn how to defend and prosper.

It is not enough to survive when the chips are down, this book will teach you how to grow even in the worst of times.

Get 'Your Unbeatable Business'

Become the leading business in your market now

Adopt the ideas and critical thinking skills in this book you will be able to:

  • Be certain of massive growth even in an ever changing and fast paced world
  • Leapfrog your competition and become the only choice for your target market
  • Learn how to make billion dollar decisions about your company with certainty and in the fastest possible time
  • Learn how to motivate your employees so they are work far harder than they are actually paid
  • Use elegant business strategies to create exponential growth
  • Always be one step ahead of your entire competition with new ideas and methods that they cannot even copy
louis dharma

Better businesses drive a better world – Louis Dharma


Louis Dharma is one of the preeminent business strategists in the world; often referred to as the "Einstein of business growth". From minimum wage failure to business extraordinary, learn about his inspirational story.


Due to the high number of requests Louis cannot be contacted directly. If you would like more information or would like to interview Louis for you podcast, blog, magazine, event or any other media, you can reach out to his assistant at [email protected]